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We travelled, we visited beautiful places that taught us to cultivate diversity and look with eyes full of awe. We met people who helped us grow, we savoured the best traditional dishes of modern, exotic countries, cosmopolitan cities, villages, we drank together with strangers and lifelong friends with the same enthusiasm, we listened to music of all kinds, sang at the top of our lungs in the car, while queuing up at the gate, in the waiting rooms of the stations. Music that has never left us.

We have learned that we have 5 senses because we have to use them all to the fullest to enjoy life, so as not to miss out on anything, because everything happens now. We have discovered that love for people, for food, for music is everything that we should nurture, because these are the only things we will ever have to claim to have lived well.

We are a director, a chef, a pizza chef, a bartender and a handful of others, people who believe they can make a difference with their experience in the kitchen and in the front room.

We have created a container for our ideas and for your free time: a place for everyone, a space full of vitality and energy, an experience that takes shape if we are together, if we have fun, if we drink and eat well. A spot in Saronno where styles, trends and influences find a place where they can freely express themselves, united by a unique concept: carefree living.

We want to become the focal point of the dolce vita for an intelligent city, responsive  to everything that is done with attention and curiosity. Thoroughly prepared cocktails, desserts and cakes available all day and a gastronomic philosophy that favours a light and genuine cuisine, and the organisation of events that can leave space to music, with live and DJ sets, as well as feelings, with birthdays, special occasions, and parties.

We have discovered, pondered, lived, dreamt; now we have put it all together and we have made it happen.

Welcome to Club House.

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