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Bistroand Pizzeria

Food is a wonderful and complex multi-sensory experience. Our culinary offer is made of fine flavors and unexpected details.

In choosing the ingredients, we are guided by precision and rigour, but also passion and patience. Everything starts here: from the choice of high quality ingredients, selected respecting the seasons and favouring Italian production.

The creative cuisine of the bistrot and the pizza are based on the philosophy of being simple and always good. The dishes are made with enthusiasm and great attention to detail: for example, there are no precooked foods, but everything is genuine because it is prepared on the fly.



During the elaboration of the menus, we combine Italian cuisine with the culinary experiences gained in the international field: we propose only what we like, and we like only the best.

Every season has its own menu, which is updated and taken care of by our chef: each one is enriched by constant offers that are based on the gastronomic tradition of the area, as well as from abroad, menus that change every day. We serve pizza for lunch and dinner, until late at night.

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