Via Biffi 11, Saronno Every day 11am - 1am, Friday and Saturday until 2am +39 02 2316 6294


Here is where you will participate in the coolest events in the city: live music, DJ sets, artistic presentations, open air on the park, birthdays, special occasions. A chameleon place that contains many souls, changes from day to night, breaks apart, and redesigns itself taking the measures of the people who live there.

Strategically located near the centre, but just outside of it, it becomes the backbone of your happiest moments.

Every moment becomes a pretext to celebrate. Club House is the perfect place to breathe a little healthy desire to be together and have fun.



Do you want to organise an event with us? The exclusive architecture and concept of the place are at your disposal together with our proven experience in catering, clubbing and event organisation.

We create a perfect synergy between our expertise and your expectations.

We build tailor-made unique, exciting, complete moments that in summer take advantage of the outdoor area, surrounded by beautiful greenery.

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It is always a good time to be with us: we are open 7 days a week.